Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the studio?
Our studio is based on Chelmsford High street within Snappy Snaps.
What are the opening hours?
Our studio is open from 8.30- 5 Monday to Saturday but we can arrange sittings for Sundays on request.
Is there parking?
As we are in the main high street there is no parking directly outside the shop however there is a number of multi storey car parks within walking distance.
What should I bring?
What you bring is up to you. We want to make your shoot personal to you and your family so take this opportunity to inject as much of your personality into it as possible. For example for Newborn shoots ideas would be that blanket that Granny knitted, special teddy bears, Dads favourite tie, musicians would bring in their instruments, families that love camping an idea would be sleeping bags and woolly hats! You get the idea. If you are unsure then have a chat with one of our photographers. You could also bring in outfit changes if you want to give your shoot a bit of variety, bright colours look really great on camera!
How long will the shoot last?
We always book an hour for our photo sessions, however this varies especially when photographing little ones as they are very unpredictable. Most sessions tend to take between 30-40 minutes.
What happens after the shoot?
After the shoot we will book you in for a viewing this is usually about a week after your photos have been taken, this gives us time to retouch the final selection of your images. Prior to your viewing have a think about what package/ product you are interested in for example if you are considering purchasing anything for the wall have a measure up so you have an idea of sizes.
What happens at the viewing?
At the viewing you will be shown a slideshow of all your best images which on average is between 30-40 before we begin to make a shortlist. The majority of the time short-listing your images is a tough decision so it helps to arrive at the viewing with an idea in mind of what you want for example; present for Granny, large canvas for the living room etc and an idea of budget is also helpful. There is no obligation to make a purchase but unfortunately due the amount of images we have to manage any photographs that are not ordered we are unable to keep them (with the exception of the See How They Grow package) therefore please bring anyone who is part of the decision making process with you to the viewing.
Can I bring Children to the viewing?
Children are welcome at the viewings but most clients do prefer to come without younger family members as this session can last up to an hour and they tend to get bored, if child care is an issue then feel free to bring along toys and food to keep them amused.
How much should I budget?
We have a variety of products and packages to cater to all budgets, prices start from £20 and range to £300. Ideally we take the payments in full at the time of ordering but a payment plan can be arranged if finances are tight, however you will not be able to collect your order until the full balance has been paid.
How long do you keep the images?
Unfortunately due to amount of images we have to manage we are only able to keep the images that you purchase at the viewing with the exception of the SHTG package. With the SHTG package we will only keep your shortlisted images from each session until your final viewing, this is because most clients purchasing this package like to combine photographs from all four sessions at the end of a year and purchase a larger package.