Bump to Baby


Expecting a new addition to the family is a magical time whether it is your first or fifth it is a celebration. Often new mothers say one of their biggest regrets is not getting their pregnancy captured on camera; it is one of the most amazing things in the world despite maybe being a little uncomfortable. So take the opportunity to focus on you and remind yourself how beautiful you are! Our maternity shoots are very flattering and aim to make you feel gorgeous; bring your partner or other children to make this shoot even more special. With the bump to baby package you will not only get a maternity shoot but you also get a shoot done with your newborn baby, this is such a special time as babies grow up so fast and you will never get to chance to capture them this way again, we ideally photograph them within the first two weeks of birth while they are still in that naturally sleepy curled up state and it makes for really cute pictures. You will receive your favourite image from each shoot as a FREE 7x5 print (Usually £30 each)